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Do you believe in your own personal capacity to overcome life’s obstacles?

Grasping this concept is very important as it enables us to move ahead and overcome any adversity, but we must believe that we have that strength and ability to do so. We have tremendous reserves of energy and ability at our disposal, to challenge conditions and to learn valuable lessons.

We can do anything! We must remember this; believe it to be true and fear nothing. There is nothing that is put before us that cannot be overcome or at the very least met. We have the inner strength to change any condition, to overcome any obstacle and to mold our life into anything we can dream or envision.

Sometimes, we believe that we know what is best for others and we might want to change conditions for our loved ones. We believe that what is in front of them is not appropriate for them or we do not want them to have to face specific challenges. We must come to terms with the fact that they are living their life and are on target moving in the direction that they are supposed to move. We have to allow them to experience their own life’s lessons. No matter how difficult it is to sit back and watch someone we love move in directions that we believe might be difficult for them, they too have their higher purpose. We can offer advice but ultimately they will make the final decisions and experience what their higher self seeing appropriate.

Our own life, however, is in our hands and we can change any portion of it. You might believe that a specific circumstance in this life is simply too monumental to overcome. Life will run its own course with or without our consent. Acceptance and working with our circumstances makes each step so much easier. We have chosen to live this life with ever experience that unfolds. We have agreed to each lesson (which some may view as obstacles) knowing that this is the best route to take.

How can we fight what life is teaching if we have agreed to the experience? Take responsibility for the homework your higher self has agreed to take on. Do the work necessary to master the lessons. By doing so you will readily learn what life seems to be dictating.

There are times when we seem to be at the mercy of life’s events, but our attitude towards these events or lessons is always in our hands. We can choose to learn with open arms and allow life to flow freely or we can challenge our lessons creating more havoc and unrest ultimately making the lesson far more difficult but rest assured that the lesson will eventually be learned.

We are resilient and we have strength far beyond what we recognize. This inner strength grows as we see it for what it is and built confidence in our own abilities. We become stronger as we move through life’s sometimes challenging lessons and as we become more aware of what we have within our own reservoirs.

Grasp the lessons at hand and watch as life changes. Believe that you can and will learn. What benefits will you reap from your lessons?

Believe in yourself and uncover the strength this is already a part of you. Nothing is too big. Nothing is too tedious. Nothing can stand in your way but your doubt...your attitude.

You have the power. You are the key. Believe in yourself. Learn and overcome.


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