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Your Truth

Recently we touched on the ability to just be ourselves and being comfortable in our own skins, regardless of other people’s perspectives or opinions. We have come to or are striving to come to an understanding that we are who we are. Each of us has our own special gifts that we not only use for ourselves but we also share with the world, on whatever level is required. Standing strong for who we are and what we believe in and being proud of this uniqueness is the foundation that binds us together yet distinguishes us from others.

This could be considered our truth, but going one step further, we establish what our truth truly is and to following these truths in our everyday lives. Setting a standard for our truth is important, but primarily it is important and relevant only specifically for to as an individual. We make our own judgements on the way we view and live our lives personally. These are concepts and ideologies that we facilitate and adhere to. They are ours personally and ours alone. No one can take them away from us, except if we ourselves choose to falter.

Our truth is defined by self and we cannot make anyone else follow our path. The road we travel sheds light for our eyes only but the residual glow can lighten the way for others. There will be times that we feel that our path seems less visible and unclear as at times the light will be missing because we refuse to see it.

Once again, it does not matter what others think of the path we have chosen for ourselves. Some will adhere to some of the same principles and be aligned with our route, but there will also be many who are nowhere near our point of travel and will have their own opinions on our path. This does not matter. Rest assured that even though some of these people will try to sway our course, we can remain strong with our own set principles of love and light.

It would be very difficult if not impossible to explain to others where we have come from and what has brought us to this point in life. Is an explanation important? This is our own personal truth. We have attained this knowledge and personal growth through experience, an experience that no one else has lived.

Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Be open to all there is but do not worry about opinions of others. Let love lead you and believe.

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