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Those who are born with strong Virgo character traits view life on a microscopic level. They do not miss anything life throws at them and are constantly analyzing life and current situations. They have an eye for detail on a most minute scale and see imperfection and the tiniest of flaws. They are seekers of perfection in life and in themselves.

They are conservative in their approach to life and are rarely gamblers. They like the tried and tested route. Because of their intellectual approach to life and their ability to decipher even the tiniest details, they are excellent problem solvers, although their approach may be considered by some as going to the extreme. They are very service oriented and enjoy helping others and have an uncanny ability to create order out of chaotic conditions. They truly give all of themselves to those in need and can be counted on if they give you their word. They will offer their advice and aid in almost any situation.

With their work, they enjoy detail. Accounting and design as well as organizational projects are right up their alley. They are very productive and enjoy being busy and often get noticed for their precise work and problem solving. They certainly seek perfection and can be counted on in doing a good job.

Rewards come their way when perseverance is required and they will often take on jobs that are too difficult for others to handle as they can make it work in the very best possible way. They also make excellent writers, analysers and critiques because of their ability to stick with something until it is completed. They are usually good at handling money matters and make great financial advisers. They also make great secretaries or assistants. Order is key for them and will help them in many of their endeavours in life.

Many are overly concerned with cleanliness and hygiene as well as diet and health. They can actually become overly conscious in health matters and some can become hypochondriacs if there is too much concentration in this area of life. When this becomes extreme, there is a tendency to worry and become anxious at the slightest ailment. They will have to watch from becoming obsessive and compulsive when it comes to health, especially their own. Too much worry is a direct sign of misalignment and they will need to find a place within where they can rationalise the situation and take some time to relax and let go of this focus. In most cases the problem will resolve itself and calming themselves down is the best route to take. They need to have intermittent rest periods where they can calm down and view things more realistically. This will assist in letting go of potential problems.

Virgo individuals are very curious characters who intellectualize life matters. When it comes to their emotions, they usually keep them secret and because of this, often come across as very self-contained and self-reliant. They find their emotional equilibrium by intellectually analyzing their emotions and coming to terms on a mental level. They can use their logic and methodical approach to solve most any problem as long as they keep things in balance and do not let their analytical abilities run away with them.

They see faults in others, are especially hard on themselves and their inner circle of friends, although their intent is to help. Sometimes others will require their assistance, but sometimes the Virgo individual will need to stand back and realize that not everyone wants their help. They are totally service oriented and truly want to help. If you have a problem that needs resolution and you just do not seem to be able to figure it out, your Virgo friend can surely help you uncover the solution you are looking for.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the Sixth house

Carnelion is the stone of Virgo.

Other stones associates with Virgo include Amazonite, Atlantasite, Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Carnelion, Chrysocolla, Garnet Gaspeite, Magnetite, Moss Agate, Peridot, Smithsonite, Stichtite, and Sugilite.

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