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The Fifth House

The fifth house in astrology deals primarily with the act of pursuing enjoyment and pleasure in life. This can be found through many avenues of expression. The greatest of these expressions is found in the ability to express oneself without prejudgement and with ease. This is often released when the fifth house is activated through artistic endeavours such as dance routines or through a pursuit in music.

Acting is also connected to the fifth house and in many cases many well-known actors of today have strong planetary influences linked to this house.

This is the house of creativity.

The eleventh house is connected to love received and the fifth house has to do with love given. This house is an expression of love that is given through romantic love affairs, although not linked to marriage. Marriage is a further continuation of love and is linked to the seventh house. The love given also can be spread through the love we have for our children, and this house often speaks of our children and procreation.

Those with strong connections to the fifth house, either through planetary influences found in this house or by planets making aspects to these planets or the ruler of the fifth house cusp, will display many of these characteristics in their persona.

Again this house is the house of pleasure and in many cases is also associated to gambling, speculation and a willingness to take financial risks

It basically speaks of emotional enhancement through acts of playful interaction which provide enjoyment in our lives.

Teaching abilities are also part of the fifth house foundation and anyone with a creative flair can do well in areas where teaching others can be utilized.

Those with strong energies linked to the fifth house express some Leo characteristics as the fifth house is naturally ruled by the sign Leo. As a result, an individual with a Capricorn Sun with strong planetary links to the fifth house will be much more flamboyant and fun loving than the usual security minded Capricorn. The Capricorn tendencies of working to make a name for themselves may still be prevalent, but many of this individual's gifts would be found in areas where their self-expression can take them up that ladder of success which is so fundamentally essential to many Capricorn individuals. This Capricorn, strongly influenced Leo individual would not be as serious, would take chances and would be much more fun loving than the traditional Capricorn individual.

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