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Our ability to heal ourselves and our ability to help other heal is directly related to our connection to higher sources. In reality we do not do the healing. We are only the conduit that channels the energy and this energy works through us. Remembering this can help us eliminate any ego attachments.

During healing sessions, it is important, as the conduit, to see the individual receiving the healing energies as already healed (body, mind and spirit). This also should be practices if the healing sessions are being practiced on you.

If you are emotionally attached to the recipient, it is quite normal to feel concern for them but this can hinder the healing process. We feel sympathy because of the situation at hand. This would not be felt if the individual is already healed. Love on the other hand can be shared at any time without any connotations that there is a lack of health. Concern can actually add to the intensity of the situation. We need to view ourselves (or others if we are the recipient of the energies) as though the body and/or mind is in perfect condition, without ailment and free of dis-ease.

As a healer, allow the healing energies to flow and focus whole heartedly on the “healed” energies. Not only can we be an agent of healing energies and eventual positive health of another, but we can also be the gateway of healing for ourselves.

As compassionate people, when someone is ill we feel for these individuals. In many cases we feel sorry for others and worry about the outcome. When we share these feelings and concerns with others about the individual in question, we draw less than desirable energies to them because of this focus. We offer our “opinions” of what we see in front of us and transfer that information on to others. Our intentions may be good, but we are accentuating the negative.

It is important to remember that “being healed” is not always the best solution for the soul’s journey. When we have completed our earthly journey, many of us use illness to help us let go and allow the transfer. We “go home” so to speak, wiser and with the profound experience of a life well lived. It is important to let go and allow the journey to be taken no matter where that journey may lead to.

And so the cycle continues.

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