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And the Winner says.....

I am so grateful for having won the Astrology Oracle Reading drawn on January 1, 2016 by Holm Astrology.

This type of reading was a very first for me.

I have had my Astrology Birth Chart done in the past, but never an Astrology Oracle Reading. It was a pleasant surprise. This reading was "spot on" very accurate to my own personal circumstance. It provided a wonderful insight into what is occurring in my life at this moment & gave me clear direction going forward.

Peter was amazing providing details about me that no one else knows nor did I even mention them. I am so impressed by his professionalism


I will be recommending Holm Astrology to everyone. Peter Holm is very gifted master in his craft. I will definitely be going back to see him again....

Thank You Peter, I am so very grateful.....

DA....Wasaga Beach, On.

Visit for more information on Astrology and information on the Astrological charts and readings we offer.


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