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If you see someone less fortunate than you or who is struggling in life, are you respectful of their situation?

Those less fortunate can benefit greatly from those of us blessed with abundance (whatever that abundance may be). Even a gentle helping hand goes a very long way.

How does it hurt to show compassion for those experiencing turmoil?

What response would warm our hearts if it were us in their situation?

What can you do to help? All living things deserve love and respect. Do we have an hour to sit and share a coffee with someone in need of a human connection?

Those suffering physically or mentally with health issues can certainly benefit from even a short visit from those of us who can spare 5 minutes, half an hour, an hour.

When we give through love and compassion, no matter how large or how small, we do not need a pat on the back. Seeing the gratitude in their eyes is reward enough.

How are you going to share your abundance, whatever that abundance might be?

How will you respond when someone reaches out to you? How will you respond to those our see in need that do not reach out?

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