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It is important to stand by our convictions and to live listening to our hearts.

There are always choices for us to make along our journey yet there is a purpose to fulfill and changing this ultimate purpose, we believe is virtually impossible. This important issue forms the overall lesson we are meant to learn.

Adjustments to the journey are constant and often we do not recognize the path before us. We make amendments and do what we feel is best.

It IS important to follow what we feel is best and to do our best as we continue forward. We are human but we cannot use that as an excuse to be lazy or lackadaisical. We can and will make slip-ups along the road, but we can always pick ourselves up and continue on.

What others think of our path and our life’s expression is of no concern to us as that is a reflection of their opinion not a reflection of who we are. Of course, we must never injure others in any way intentionally. Our effort and what we think of ourselves is what is of utmost importance, however.

During self-evaluation, it is important to recognize when ego is unleashing its negative or egotistic opinion. This again is not us. We are sparks of the source. We should never identify with ego’s ranting. If we see something within that does not suit who we feel we are, we do not call it our own. Recognize it only as a learned tool and then release it.

Our belief structure and our expectations form our response reality. If we refocus our thoughts, we change our course and this can be done at any given moment. The shift can be permanent and extremely positive.

Life will always have its trials and tribulations (because we are here to learn). We can learn from anything that comes our way with the right attitude and once learned move forward.

Are you giving it your best?

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