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Recognizing who we are can certainly be paramount to our awakening.

We have to understand our true identity, which is not of an earthly nature. Our connection with our true self begins with this understanding and any progress can become stagnant is we are caught up strictly in the mundane concerns of earthly living, although much can be utilized from our life’s experience.

We are not our bodies. We are not our achievements. We are not our failures.

We are spirit opening up in varying degrees to true awareness. We are spirit wrapped in human form; temporarily experiencing a human experience. We are the one that dwells within. We do not have to wait until we move into the next level of consciousness or pass over to gain entry to the door to our higher self. That door is accessible now.

Recognize ego’s fear based manipulation and refrain from identifying with it. Many of us can be caught up in this transitional stage and have a hard time seeing beyond ego’s grip. Many individuals actually believe that they are their ego. They recognize its negative influence in their lives and believe that for some reason that they do not deserve anything better. Guilt is a by-product of ego and as long as ego maintains its stranglehold, guilt accompanies us in our journey.

For many of us, how we live our lives is often based on guilt and fear.

When we look down on ourselves and our qualities, we are lacking in self love. Too many people believe that ego is their only identity, and more often than not, ego has a negative influence not a positive one.

We CAN love ourselves enough to rediscover the wonderful energy that resides within. We can awaken to our true potential through self love. From there, we can then radiate that love outward into the global consciousness.

We are all one consciousness which is aligned with source. There are no exceptions. We are one and we move as a whole.

Working on ourselves moves our global consciousness in an enlightened direction. Accepting ourselves for who we are allows us to see the beauty within but also allows us to see the beauty that surrounds us.

Recognize the chatter of ego and experience life as we were always meant to experience it. We can awaken to our own perfection and in turn experience the perfection of creation.

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