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Have you considered what the deeper facets of this current experience may be in relation to our ongoing evolution?

Are we here to evaluate our existence?

Do we accept what is taking place without a fight? Are we just innocent bystanders?

In my opinion, there is no doubt that this current world situation is a learning experience. I am certain we have been provided an opportunity and are being pushed to evaluate our experience in this existence thus far. Now we have the time to listen intently and to digest what is being offered to us.

For some of us we are learning to listen to that quiet voice within. This is a reflection period in our life. We are pushed to confront all parts of ourselves and especially those that may not be overly comfortable but need to be acknowledged.

We are being forced to release our obsession with consumerism. We are learning to appreciate people….family….love…..purpose. Is this an evolutionary jump? Are we getting ready for a massive development in our consciousness?

It is unlikely that our growth will be as spontaneous as this but no doubt we are in the process of evolution on some level.

Do not allow negativity and pessimistic to be all consuming no matter what the currently picture looks like. What does this accomplish?

Strive to overcome. It is true some of us will pass over but the best way of looking at that is to recognise that these individuals have completed their journey. They are ready for the next stage in their evolution.

Events like this remind us of how fragile we are and that nothing in life is guaranteed. Will you make changes to your life when this is over….maybe starting now? Will you sit back and wait for life to come to you or will you push ahead recognizing that we are all here with limited time.

Each day is an opportunity to experience whatever is truly significant and to pursue what really matters in our hearts. Start the process now. Do not wait. We can start by working on what needs changing within and in your immediate surroundings.

What is most important in your life? Place your focus there and celebrate it……whatever it is!

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