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To channel your inner self, you must recognize your connection with your true inner self. Recognize that inner self that guides you through life and helps you find your path when you feel lost. This inner self is always with you regardless of how alone you might feel and is always reachable.

Some will find their inner resources through the written channels (automatic writing) although automatic writing can also bring forward other sources providing information or specific guidance.

The door is always open through meditation and relaxation methods through silence or guided methods which are widely available.

Getting to know your inner self or the evolved state of being residing within is always within reach and the more you make your own personal contact the clearer the inner voice becomes. Don’t forget it is always providing assistance and never works against you. Some struggling from dementia or schizophrenia also hears voices but they usually give rise to worries and anxiety. The inner self always is reassuring and always available to help along the way.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. You are always provided with what you need, not always what you want. Some find that inner guidance from your higher source works on a different level than guidance from outside sources. Inner guidance seems to come instantaneously, and you don’t have to wait for words such as with a person to person conversation. It is like getting an entire paragraph within a second or two simultaneously and clearly.

Some have their inner connection with vibrations, intuitive feedback or through their feelings. You instinctively know not to do this or that although you have a choice. Our actions are never controlled by the inner self. Sometimes our inner self gives warnings through insight or plain feelings that something may not be right or that this is the right move to make.

There are many different means of communication and each of us has an inner self available for guidance. However much lies in the belief structure we develop over our lives and whether we choose to listen or not.

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