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Lack of action on important issues tends to hold us back from our natural growth or progression. Throughout life we accept ideologies and concepts and take them on as our own without any investigation particularly when we are quite young. Once we accept these concepts without question, we can struggle to integrate these concepts into our lives. Many of our personal ideologies are based on what has been ingrained in us by society and from the expectations of others. Many of us want to fit in especially when we are young, and we mould ourselves into something we are not so that we do not stand out in the crowd.

Our personal concepts can be very limiting. What do you believe is attainable? What do you believe you are capable of doing, of learning, of receiving?

These limiting beliefs are created in our minds and then are reflecting in our reality. We categorize everything. Everything in life has to be able to fit in a neat little box.

What do you expect is in store for you in this lifetime? Do your expectations place limits and restrictions on your growth and abilities?

The conditions of our lives change as we change our self-made restrictions.

So many individuals are lost in the search, expecting to get nowhere and as a result of these expectations they have created this as their reality. Their life will be a life of searching not realizing that they have actually created this perpetual need for more.

If they were to stop for a moment and examined the moment for what it is, they would come to the realization that what they are search for is already part of who they are. They were so busy looking, they forgot to see.

Everything we want for ourselves is attainable as it lies in waiting within us. The only barriers there are is our belief that there are barriers. Do not let you past condition you into something you are not. If you were told you could not do something brilliant, erase that statement and start over. You can and you will if you believe you can.

Are you willing to review the structures you have build in your mind? Do you have a willingness to go beyond the confines of what you consider truth or those limiting lessons that you have been taught?

Climb out of the box and think beyond it.

Each day brings something new to ponder and we take on whatever we wish to make our own. We can be forever lost in the search and can be unaware that the search itself is what is hindering our awareness of what and who we actually are. Alternatively, we can see the moment as all that we have and utilize it to its fullest without expectations or limitations.

The key is our belief structures and if we can understand this fully, we can experience endless and limitless experiences. Understanding the control we have in the process begins a spiral of endless potential.

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