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A Composite Chart is an Astrology chart of two individuals. These charts can be prepared for any two people; however, most people commissioning these charts are couples in a marital or personal relationship.

Composite Charts are prepared in a similar manner as a natal chart but the Composite chart uses midpoints. The midpoints of each planet and angle from both charts are used to create a new chart. It is imperative that each person has accurate birth information. Many websites offer a free service to do the mathematics involved to calculate the midpoint.

Midpoints are the half the exact distance between two planet. Composite charts, for example, take the Sun location from both peoples’ chart, calculate the distance between both Sun locations and then divide that distance by two. With this calculation, the shortest distance between the planets is used (less than 180 degrees apart from one another).

Please see our previous post on Midpoints as we examined these in further detail.

When preparing a Composite Charts, the midpoints are always calculated with the same planets, luminaries and angles. So the midpoint would be calculated between the two Suns, the two Moons, the two Mercury planets and so on. This extends into the midpoint of the two Ascendants as well as the two Midheavens, for example.

Once these are all calculated, there will be a new chart (Composite Chart) created from the exact midpoints of all the planets and the Ascendant and Midheaven.

It should be noted that transits can also be used in the Composite chart.

Composite Charts will define the relationship between two people and is interpreted as a natal chart, using the aspects between the planets and angles, the houses and so forth.

If, for example, Mercury in the composite chart has a lot of challenging aspect to it, (an opposition from the Moon, a square from Mars, a square from Pluto, a square from Uranus and a conjunction to Saturn), we would expect that these two individuals would have challenging conditions linked to communication especially if the third house was involved. There could be challenges connected with aggressive dialogue causing arguments and disagreements. One or the other could feel emotionally distant from the other or they could have difficulty getting their point across. This goes a lot deeper but with this little bit of information, it is apparent the aspects between planets is similar to aspects between natal planets. The only variation being that deciphering the information in the Composite chart is relative to two people and their relationship instead of only one individual.

As mentioned, transits can be incorporated into this chart and the transits would tell the story of what is taking place currently in the relationship of these two people. Much can be learned by the study of a Composite chart including which energies are at work, how long the energies might influence the relationship and what areas of life are involved.

A Composite Chart is a chart within itself, but speaks about the energies between the two people involved.

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