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Curiosity often entices our searches in life. Out of nowhere something catches our attention and in most cases, this spark seems as though it has comes out of nowhere. An idea or a statement that hit homes appears to come out of nowhere and causes us to seek further. This too happens at a point our lives. We question our daily lives and the direction in which we are heading.

It might be an event that causes us to review our life’s circumstances and the mundane habits that we seem to hold so dear. At some point in our habit to gather possessions to enhance our lives and surroundings, we recognize an emptiness. We realize that these things provide only a temporary sense of excitement or contentment and then our exuberance begins to fade.

Some of us will seek out important relationships to build these union and with the hopes that others will help fill the void. Upon first meeting a significant other, our lives seem changed and in many ways they are, but we are still searching for more. The relationship can be wonderful and provide us with joy and excitement but it will not fill that empty space that seems to reside within. All relationships are important, particularly those that we make commitments to, but it is important to shed light on the fact that even the most comfortable relationship cannot complete us, at least not on a non-material level.

If we are fortunate, both parties that make up the relationship notice the seemingly separation that takes place on some level and recognizes it for what it truly is. In reality this need for more is not a lack of love or an incompatibility. This realization will actually uncover that we need to find contentment and wholeness from within ourselves and not from within a relationships. The answer lies in the understanding that we have a void in life because we have not as of yet opened the door to our understanding of self and our connection with the cosmic consciousness.

The void stems from within. We must be connected to our greater self, our inner self. There is an oneness that stems from our connection to our pure essence. Our inner self speaks to us if we learn to listen. Our true self offers love and compassion. It is not a loud voice that demands attention. It is subtle in its nature and offers subtle suggestions.

We, in our physical state, still have a prevalent hold on what happens next. If we begin to take notice of this subtle guide, we begin to recognize the genuine assistance that is offered at the most opportune moments. It is the voice that warns us of danger, the voice that guides us in making the right decisions and the constant companion that is always at our side but never overbearing or demanding.

Our curiosity towards life results from this connection. As we awaken to the true understanding and our commitment to life, we begin to take note of our reliable guide and friend. As we become aware of our source, we also become aware of the bigger picture, and we realize that we are never alone. There are other companions along our life’s road; there are guides and fellow acquaintances that we meet on our life’s journey that also act as guides and become close friends and partners but mostly it is that undaunting inner self that is always there and whom offers the most support.

Curiosity was our starting point and still entices us to continue along our path. Recognize your place in this life and move forward with the same curiosity that stirred you in the first place. Listen to the quiet voice and let love be your guide. Enjoy your partnerships and relationships but know that you, with the guidance of your pure essence, are responsible for your wholeness, understanding and contentment.

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