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Sometimes the best laid plans will go awry and because we do not always travel the path we prefer, we allow our reactions to be emotionally intense. This emotional response can be tough on us and if we continue to battle back against things we cannot change, we feel as though these events will never end. This feeling and thought structure can leave us quite depleted, frustrated and without direction.

This is a temporary situation, however, and will pass if we allow ourselves to let go or change our attitude. Nothing remains the same in life. Shifts of consciousness and shifts in circumstance often run hand in hand.

Sometimes we must let go and take new paths that can be quite foreign to us. This can be frightening but at the same time very exciting.

Take the proverbial bull by the horns and move forward. Sometimes we need a little push from life or from others and other times we take those first steps on our own. The latter choice is usually the easiest in the long run. It is best not to wait for others to push us to make important change.

Each one of us has the capabilities to move ahead yet need to recognize this fact and to face our fears. We may feel at the mercy of life, but this is just a belief.

Emotional disruptions more often than not signify the need for change, and we must allow ourselves that freedom to grow and expand. We do not have to stay within any type of energy that confinement or feels anything less than fulfilling.

Do not wait for life to dictate that change must take place. It is usually much more pleasant and less disruptive if we take those steps on our own.

This IS your life! Live it to the best of your abilities. Never sell yourself short.

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