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We will be experiencing a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer at 8 degrees on December 29, 2020, at 10:28 p.m. EST. If you have a planet or have an angle within three degrees of this degree (8 degrees), especially by conjunction, opposition or square, this Full Moon will have an effect in your natal chart.

Full Moon’s energies speak of culmination points where the work you put forth over the last six months now come to fruition. We reap what we have sowed and if we have done our due diligence and required work then we can now reap the rewards and enjoy our harvest. If we failed to do the required work, we may now see shortfalls or failures and we may have to begin again or pick up the pieces and make alterations to our plans.

Since this Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer, a nurturing sign connected to family and the home environment, these are likely to be the areas related to this upcoming Full Moon. It can be an emotional period lasting about one month as the senses are heightened and concern for others is high on the agenda. There is a strong mothering nature attached to Cancer and you may want to protect those that are close to you.

Some people will make changes to the home. Some move or redecorate with an effort to make the home as comfortable as possible. Some will go deep into subconscious concerns and deal with these concerns particularly with those they care for or with themselves.

Nurturing can be internal or self-focused. It is important to look after your own needs at this time as nurturing and caring for others can be quite strong. This is particularly related to your children, your spouse, parents and extended family (include friends). The house placement of this Full Moon will provide further indicators of what areas of life are involved.

Transiting Uranus is sextile to this Full Moon’s placement. Uranus tends to create change, needed change and can be quite disruptive, although the change it brings or suggests is just what is required. The old set of standards may have outlived their significance and now a change of direction is needed.

Sextiles speak of opportunities and we should address what this suggests in personal terms and how it might affect our current conditions. These changes can come in an unexpected manner and be abrupt in delivery. You can expect the unexpected, but remember, this is an opportunity aspect so you will have to pay attention and take advantage of the energies at hand.

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