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The Full (Pink) Moon occurring on April 29, 2018 at 8:59 p.m. EDT is in the sign of Scorpio at nine degrees.

During a Full Moon, the Sun is in direct opposition to the Moon. Full Moon’s energies often speak of the culmination or harvest of our efforts. With the energies related to Scorpio with this Full Moon, these energies might be directed inwardly. Scorpio’s energy wants us to dig deep and uncover even the most challenging conditions. Scorpio wants us to bring these conditions/emotions to the surface and deal with them in an appropriate manner (not to brush them under the carpet). Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto and Pluto’s energy deals with regeneration and transformation. Its energies often speak in terms of endings of some sort so that something new can come to the surface. This process can be somewhat challenging emotionally and sometimes the truth is hard to face.

Ceres and the North Node are tied by a t-square to this Full Scorpio Moon. Both Ceres and the North Node are currently in the sign of Leo at 10 degrees. The North Node speaks of our life’s direction and our path forward. Ceres’ energies work in similar ways to the Moon’s energies. As a result, nurturing and caring will be part of this harvest story. Ceres is mothering and wants to provide emotional comfort. It is connected to our life’s path. With Ceres in square to both the Moon and the transiting Sun, these combined energies suggest that our path is opening up but it needs some care before we should venture forth. T-Squares in Astrology provide the necessary push and the ability to succeed with our objectives, but we are required to put forth a lot of energy.

Check your personal chart to verify which house Ceres and the North Node are transiting through as this will indicate which area of life that will be affected for you.

The T-square suggests that you need to motivate yourself forward and find balance between the transiting Sun’s position and the Transiting Moon’s position. We naturally tend to lean too much in one direction (again the area of life is represented by the houses involved).

Transiting Saturn sextiles the Moon and trines the Sun is considered favourable even though Saturn usually implies hard work and discipline. Saturn is at nine degrees Capricorn and also in Retrograde as of the 18th of April, 2018. With Saturn retrograde, unlike all the other planets, we can use its energies of caution, responsibility and teaching to advance our objectives tied in with this New Moon. (All other planets want us to plan during retrograde motion not take action).

There are also two Yod aspects in place. The Yod forms quincunxes from the Moon and Saturn to Venus, and also quincunxes from Venus and Mercury to the Moon. Yods often point towards turning points in life when we have to deal with a predicament either by making actual changes to things or changing our perception towards the events as they are unfolding. Since Venus and the Moon are highlighted, this could involve some relationship that may need to be transformed and emotional adjustments will need to come to the surface and be dealt with.

This is an extremely powerful Full Moon with all of these configurations playing a part in the process. Again, take a look at your natal chart to see which areas of life might be involved. This configuration will primarily be in effect for those with this Full Moon attached to the natal positioning of Planets. You can give yourself about a 3-5 degree orb of influence and the tighter the orb the more significant the interchange. Conjunctions will be the most powerful, then oppositions and then squares.

Use these energies creatively and make the best of the energies at hand. Remember even the harshest of conditions can be nurtured by our focus and care. Squares can be turned into trines, in that we can use these energies to foster growth and create much needed change ultimately with a positive outcome. Look to what you can do to fully benefit these energies. Make these energies work favourably and take responsibility. At the same time, recognize that others certainly have their part in the process and whomever or whatever the situation may be, all parties should work towards a favourable outcome together. If only one (you) is willing to work, make sure that you will benefit from your efforts.

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