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What holds you back?

Do you accept inherited conditions and ideas without question?

Many of us accept concepts passed down without question and we have taken them on as our own. Many of our concepts are based on ideas that we have had set before us. Because they have been accepted in the past, we have never questioned them.

These ideas include what we conceive as attainable for us as individuals, physically, emotionally and mentally. We incorrectly judge our worth based on standards we or someone before us has placed on us. By doing so, we put limits on all that could be, and I mean ALL.

Our conditions change as we set new standards through our focus and beliefs about everything, including ourselves. We can become lost in this search or tethered to judgements that were handed to us as children.

If we release the wanting and searching, we will recognize that all we are searching for is already part of who we are. Everything we want for ourselves is available, but we hold ourselves back through our belief structures and our programming. Go beyond the confines of what we consider attainable for this moment in our lives.

We search and “want” relentlessly. We do not recognize that it is the wanting and searching that is inhibiting us.

What is, is due to our belief structures. If we do not want limits, we cannot place limits on anything. We facilitate change by what we believe. Taking control or at least understanding the control that we have in the process begins a spiral of change that is more in line with where we choose to be in our lives.

Following instinct through love and allowance, we can push forward accepting that the moment is the real goal and what is, is determined by that moment; nothing more; nothing less.

Judgement, desire, fear, despair, etc. are always a result of previous conditioning. In finding the now, we let go of any thoughts pertaining to our potential future or our past experiences that hold us prisoner. Living in the moment requires nothing further. Recognize, experience, and enjoy this moment! Nothing else is real.......

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