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Holm Astrology offers" target="_blank">Oracle Card readings to individuals and to groups (home parties).

What is an Oracle Card reading?

Simply put, Tarot cards, for example, are oracle cards but they speak a language specific to Tarot and that is the language the reader has studied. Holm Astrology uses Astrology symbol cards which speak the native language of an Astrologer. It is the reader’s job to translate the message of the oracle cards to the language understood by the client.

For an individual, the card reading would be one on one and can be conducted in person or over the phone at a cost of $65.00.

For a home party, if the host invites a minimum of four guests (five including the host) for parties held in and around the City of Barrie area the host’s reading is free. The minimum number of guests is negotiable outside the Barrie area. We will travel.

All participants of a home party receive a one-on-one, minimum 30 minute private reading at a discounted rate of $60.00 each. Again, as a thank you to our host, their reading is free!

These parties are quite popular and can be an evening out for your guests or an afternoon "tea".

Contact to book your party or to obtain more details.


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