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Inner Transiting Planets in Astrology

There are some Astrologers that write daily posts concerning the inner transiting planets and their affect on your overall development. They speak in general terms on how they affect you in your day-to-day life and exaggerate their actions. These references are far too general and without knowing the houses of involved, it is impossible to speak of the area of life influenced. These transiting planets are relatively neutral in their actions within your horoscope.

Mercury, Venus and Mars all move approximately one-half to two degrees per day. The orb of significant influence in a chart is about 5-6 degrees, approximately 3-4 degrees applying and then 2-3 degrees when separating. Therefore, the influence of each planet is roughly 2-3 weeks at best and accordingly, the strongest influence would be one to two days.

In order for these planets to have an impact in your life, they would have to cross one of the angles, (the ascendant or midheaven and to a lesser degree the IC and DC). They would also have an impact if you had a Stellium or several planets in the same degree. Without this, their influence would be very fleeting in nature and they generally pass with little affect noticed.

Mercury goes retrograde usually 4 times each years and it lasts about 2-3 weeks while in orb and then goes direct again.

Venus does not go retrograde very often. Venus went retrograde on December 21, 2013, and turned direct again on the last day of January 2014. Venus will not go retrograde again until July of 2015.

Mars rarely goes retrograde, but moves into retrograde motion on April 2 of this year and remains in retrograde motion until it goes direct on May 21, 2015. Mars will not go into retrograde motion again until April of 2016.

During these retrograde periods with any of these planets, their affects will be experienced for a longer period of time and usually it is somewhat strengthened. The influence is felt or experienced again when it crosses the same degree while moving direct. If the angles in your chart are in these degrees, you will experience the energies of these planets more intensely but once again for a relatively short lived time frame.

Once again when these retrograde planets pass over a Stellium or planets in the same degree, their influence will again become known to the individual concerned.

These influences are generally minor in nature except when in retrograde and rarely used in comparison to long term transits. The outer planets, because of their slow movement, can be felt for years and have a great impact in our lives.

Transiting Mars and sometimes the transiting Sun are used as timers for major events linked to the outer transits or progressions. In order to ascertain accurate trends and occurrences in your life, an accurate birth time is essential. The time of birth indicates the placements of the planetary positions in each house at birth. Transits determine potential events. Therefore, when you read your daily horoscope on the internet, understand that this is an extreme case of generalization. These horoscopes deal strictly with common character traits, at best, for any given Sun sign.

A true Astrological chart report is drawn up from your specific date, time and place of birth and as such is a very specific and individual report.


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