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Many of us accept that our life’s course was laid out long before our birth. We come with a plan, a course of action that will eventually take us forward to accomplish what we specifically needed to expand on.

Does this mean that we are at the mercy of this preplanned course? Does this mean that we no longer have a hand in our direction? If we do not have a choice, are we to sit back as an observer without any intent on our part to push in any conscious or desired direction?

These are valid questions. Have we taken the time to ponder or investigate the answers to these questions from a spiritual point of view as opposed to our earthly perspective, if this is at all possible? Let’s accept, for the sake of argument, that our course was preplanned. Let’s accept that the ingredients and circumstances of this life are put in place to provide us with the ultimate opportunities to learn specific objectives for our greater good. Although the course may be preplanned, this does not suggest that we do not have a hand in these experiences. It is a physically earthbound concept that implies that we do not have a hand in the process and it is difficult for us to conceive the facts that both can play out at the same time.

It has been suggested that the past, the present and the future are all here at the same time. If this in fact is true, why could we not mold life through the actions we take now. Is it possible for a human mind to be able to comprehend that a plan set in motion before birth is also being created in this present moment? Is this a contradiction or is it actually possible?

The original plan or lesson for this lifetime may well be set in motion by our actions taken today and we may well be part of the process by making decisions to move in specific directions now. Living in the moment could initiate the original plan. Go beyond earthly thinking and think in terms of spiritual understanding. Nothing is as it seems and our apparent actions taken today through human thought and focus actually activate what has already been put in place. We do have a hand in our earthly progress.

We mold our reality by our thoughts, our expectations and our belief structures. We align with our original intent through an ongoing process activated by these thoughts, expectations and beliefs. Through these current focuses we link up once again with our intended path and activate our lessons already set in motion before our birth. Can we process this information and then take from it what serves us best?

Realize your part in the process we call life.

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