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It is important to put our energies into constructive outlets and to build a solid foundation in life. There are times when life directs us to push forward and there are times when life directs us to stay put and contemplate new ideas. If we follow these leads, we find that we are less prone to struggles. We are being led by a higher force that understands our needs and knows what is best for every situation at hand.

Sometimes the directions are very straight forward and then again sometimes the directions are more subtle in their expression. If we are tuned into the energies and we allow our awareness, we will not miss these subtle instructions. Much depends on how open we are to the information being received. We do, however, always have a choice with our decision, as the learning process is always in our hands. We might do well to listen to the advice when it comes our way, however. The lessons are learned much more easily when we receive the message. Most times it is best to allow life to lead but there still will be choices to be made even with this allowance.

When life seems to dictate, there is undoubtedly a valid reason. Perhaps if left to our own decisions, we may have taken a more challenging route or perhaps we may have made a choice that will hinder our intended progress. We are rarely at the mercy of life, but when we feel as though we are perhaps it is best to take a back seat and see where life takes us.

It is important to weigh out all of our options before deciding on any course of action, to pay heed and not fight when a route seems inevitable. To fight our lessons serves only one purpose and that is to make the lesson a hard one. Our intuition, when allowed to develop, seldom will lead us astray. It will take us where we need to go to learn the lessons set out for this life - the path of lease restriction is the one to take us where you need to go.

Flood your mind with positive concepts and visualize your dreams. This will lay the foundation to assist in building a reliable lifeline and a clear vision of where we are heading. The future is in our hands. If we open to the energies that guide, we will find the route that suits us best. Have faith!

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