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There is no denying life is full of challenge. We reach turning points when our lives move in complete new directions which alters our path significantly. Some of these are extremely difficult while others are liberating. Regardless of our judgement on how things may pan, these experiences move us out of situations that no longer suit us. They place us in new and at times unknown directions.

Some experiences create fear, anxiety, and worries, while others bring relief and tranquility. The negative connotations require effort on our part and many of us spend countless hours pondering and worrying because we fear the unknown.

We cannot escape our life’s experiences, nor should we. We must go through these events and learn from them. Trying to ignore these events pushes us further into the issue. They must be dealt with accordingly and accepted as part of the journey. We must be open to the lesson and then eventually move past it. There is not point in holding on to hurt, blaming others or taking on blame. Letting go is the best option after learning the lesson.

Hardship is more a mental resistance than a physical experience. We can get so caught up in our thoughts that we do not allow ourselves to recover from the experience. We deserve the ability to live and no matter what took place, it does not define us. Deal with the matter and feel what you need to feel. Emotions cannot be ignored nor can the reality of the situation, but they can be accepted and then released.

Find meaning in each situation. Learn the lesson. Be at peace with yourself. No outside influences can make you recover from any situation. Only you can make you get back on your feet and move forward. People can influence and support us but ultimately we do our own personal work.

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