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Mercury has been retrograde since August 30, 2016. It went direct on September 22. We have discussed what Mercury retrograde represents but we have never discussed what to expect from the direct cycle. Mercury does go retrograde 3-4 times a year remaining retrograde for approximately 20 to 24 days. The remaining days in the year Mercury is direct.

Mercury is considered a neutral planet and is only activated when connected with some other planetary link. It reacts in harmonious or discordant ways depending on the energies of the planet that touches it. Mercury is known as the communicator. Its energies are linked to the messenger of the gods. If Mercury is trine (let’s say) to Venus, to Jupiter or to Sun in the natal chart or when making these aspects through transit, Mercury will be activated in a favourable manner.

Transiting Jupiter trine natal Mercury in the 3rd house, for example, may open doors to communication through publication. Communication could be linked to higher learning through studies with topics such as philosophy, religious doctrines or spirituality. If this is a natal aspect then the opportunities for success in writing or any communication techniques such as public speaking, or radio broadcasting could be areas of interest and even areas worth exploring. This is a birth aspect so when it is activated through transit or progression in a favourable manner these avenues of expression may become activated. Mercury in trine or sextile to the Sun, Venus and Jupiter often brings periods of good luck and opportunities.

Mercury is the planet of the mind and provides us with our ways of thinking. Much of how the mind operates can be deciphered by Mercury’s links to other planets in the natal chart. It also rules communication and the same rules apply in the way we talk with others and our style of communication. The Astrological sign which Mercury is located in within the chart plays a big part in the process as well.

When Mercury is direct, it would be a time to sign agreements, move forward with plans, and in general take action. When Mercury is retrograde many of these areas seem to be held back; strategies often do not go as planned or there are interruptions to plans that have already been set in motion. Saturn by aspect can either hinder Mercurial things or bring more stability to them; much depends on the aspect between the two planets.

Mercury is currently in the sign of Virgo and will remain there until it moves into Libra on October 8, 2016. When in Virgo, it is a time to organize things in your life, to make any adjustments to your life that will make things run more smoothly, such as using an organizer or daily planner. Virgo is also about detailed work, making sure all the “t’s” are crossed and the “i’s” are dotted. If your plans include documentation or orchestrating something of importance, after October 8 (sign of Virgo) might be the time to move ahead in these endeavours.

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