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We have already discussed the impact from transiting Mars and transiting Jupiter on those with their Sun in Aquarius on January 26, 2018. Now we will provide a little more information for those with their Sun in Aquarius as well as those with their rising sign in Aquarius.

Uranus, consistently since March of 2011, has been in sextile with those who have their Sun in Aquarius. Those with their Sun sign in the early degrees will have completed this sextile now. Those Aquarian with their Sun in the later degrees will have it in effect until May of 2018. Uranus will then moves into Taurus and will be squaring those individuals with their Sun in the early degrees of Aquarius. You can allow an orb of influence of 5 to 7 degrees approaching and 2 to 3 degrees separating (once it is past) your Sun sign degree.

There is a difference of energies between those with their Sun in Aquarius and those with their rising sign in Aquarius. Aquarius rising will also have these energies in effect but the energies will affect these individuals’ life’s expression, their relationships, their finances and in some cases their health. Much will depend on other aspects to this position as well as aspects within the natal chart.

For those people with their Sun in Aquarius, Uranus sextile will have influences with life’s goals and objectives, personal pursuits which may not be evident to those outside of close friends’ circle and family. These energies can also have an effect on the health of the body. Generally, the sextile offers up good health unless of course there are other factors in the chart identifying something to the contrary.

Uranus is the instigator for change in our lives. It is constantly reaching for something, but usually only when things have gone stale or change is a requirement of the individual’s personal advancement. Uranus can be rather abrupt in its expression and often creates sudden and unexpected events to unfold. Along with this sudden change, quite often it will be experienced with a dynamic release.

This is a time when these individuals can change direction and move away from how things were and move towards new and often exciting experiences because of opportunities showing up in your life. Sometimes these things can come out of nowhere and other times you have to initiate the action. It is best to move ahead with these matters when they present themselves to you as the timing is ripe for new experiences and with the potential for growth. Their self-expression may now be enhanced. There is more freedom in doing this than may have been present before, although Aquarius is often freedom seeking and self-expression, under most conditions, is not an issue.

There may be more opportunities for advancement in the career. If they have become complacent with their goals in life but wish to move forward, now is the time to step up. Sextiles often speak of opportunities to come to life and although they may think that perhaps the higher forces are directing these things into their life, Aquarius individuals may still have to pursue what has been brought to their attention. This is a freedom aspect and Aquarians are best to take advantage of the energies at hand.

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