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The Planets that we will focus on are Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. During this time frame, Jupiter will move between 22 to 29 degrees of Aquarius (going direct on October 18) and forming an opposition to the Sun in Leo at these degrees. Neptune in Pisces (between 20 to 22 degrees) will be in retrograde this whole period forming a quincunx. Pluto which will be retrograde in Capricorn 24 to 25 degrees, also making a quincunx to those with their Leo Sun at these degrees. You can allow up to a five-degree approaching direct and a two-degree separating to your Leo Sun.

The Aspect between Pluto and the Sun will likely be pronounced and particularly strong for those with their Sun direct to this placement. Pluto speaks of transformation and change and often points towards conditions related to the house positions that Pluto is transiting through and the natal placement of your Sun by house. Check your natal position of Pluto to get further details.

Pluto suggests issues related to power struggles and a need for control of situations. Change will be due, and you may find that you must adjust what is taking place in your life. You may feel as though life is pushing you in a new direction and making powerful suggestions as what once was is no longer suitable. You can resist these necessary adjustments, but it is likely futile. This can take many shapes and the astrological houses will clearly identify just how these energies will surface.

Transiting Neptune will also be making a quincunx to the placement of your Leo Sun and may have been quite aware of its energies before July, 2021. Neptune in quincunx to the Sun tends to dissolve conditions and adds a veil of uncertainty. You may be unsure where this is taking you and feel confused as to which way to turn and how to move ahead. The Sun often deals with goals and aspirations and speaks directly about what this means for you. Internal changes are likely taking place and you may be viewing life from a different perspective now. The mystery of this transit also speaks of adjustments being required, and as you move through this energy, you will begin to shift and evaluate where life is taking you.

Jupiter in Aquarius making an opposition to this position suggests other people are part of the picture and that they are the ones initiating the activity. You may be swept along because of their actions. Jupiter expands on things and makes things seem larger than life. Although all these aspects indicate some level of tension and adjustment, Jupiter often suggests that taking this new route might just be what needs to happen. Jupiter also promotes growth through experience and favourable conditions as time passes.

There will likely be some challenging conditions linked to what is taking place but as with nearly all of life’s situations they take us where we need to go. Remember the silver lining and you should never give in or give up but learn to flow with the energies at hand and make the best of what they offer. There are always little glimmers of light in the not-so-far distance, and you will learn a great deal from what happens as your life progresses. Challenging conditions build inner strength and test your resilience. You will be surprised at how strong you are and how you can see potential as time passes.

It will be imperative to look at other aspects the transiting planets and progressions are making to the rest of your chart to get clear indicators of what to expected. The whole picture must be studied before jumping to conclusions and your Astrologer can assist you in figuring out the situations taking hold in life.

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