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There are two Nodes in Astrology, the North and the South Nodes.

The North Node is tied to your life’s direction and the purpose behind this existence.

The South Node speaks about a past life significant to this life and/or an area of life that is comfortable because it is familiar to us. Although the South Node is not the path you are to follow in this life, it does not suggest that you should steer clear of the South Node’s impact in your life, as you can use the gained knowledge from the previous incarnation to help you with your current journey. I know some individuals do not believe in past lives so think of the South Node as the talents that come natural to us.

We have come into this life to follow the path set out by the North Node and its energies are defined by the sign, house placement, and aspects from other planets or angles to the Nodes.

The South Node supplies us with valuable information that we have brought with us which we can utilize in this life. These are the things or information, as mentioned, that just simply come very natural to us. Falling back into the South Node’s energies indicated by its sign and house position may feel comfortable, but we have come to fulfill the purpose of the North Node position. Throughout our life we will find that events push us in the direction of our North Node energies.

The planetary links to the North Node along with any angles (our Ascendant, the MC, the IC, and the DC) that might be tied to the North Node are something that we need to bring forward in this life and learn to use them to our advantage. The North Node is said to have similarities to the Sun and Jupiter while the South Node has connections to Saturn.

The planets and the aspects that link up to these two Nodes should be treated in the same manner as any other planetary energy in the natal chart. The planetary energies tie in with the Nodes and emphasize what these energies are about, which includes the angles.

For example, Mars tied to the South Node may indicate that in a previous life we were a fighter or someone with a vile temper, or a leader who governed through dictatorship or force. The North Node tied to Mars may suggest similar conditions and that in this life we are to pursue our objectives with vigor and use our inherent strength to accomplish what we have set out to do. Mars would provide us the push to address what the sign and house position of the North Node suggests. However, any forceful or aggressive attempts at power are not suggested.

There is much to be discussed about the Nodes and we will continue this post on January 30, 2019.

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