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Nature and Its Magnetic Appeal

Next time you have the chance to stroll outdoors and view some of nature’s splendor, pay close attention to your physical and emotional reaction to your surroundings. We are all a part of this splendid scenery and its influence on us (if we pay attention) has profound effects on us psychologically.

To most of us, natural surroundings are comforting and they sooths us in ways that cannot be experienced elsewhere. Some find more solace by oceans, lakes or streams, while others find peace and contentment through magnificent and stately views of mountainous regions or grand landscapes.

For those that accept the concept of reincarnation or at least find it conceivable, perhaps our connection to specific areas of nature originates from our past. Perhaps we have spent many lifetimes within these regions resulting on returning to such surroundings having profound effects on our psyche. Alternatively, perhaps we grasp the oneness in all that surrounds us and because of this, we just experience comfortable within nature’s borders.

There is certainly something very calming when we are enveloped in nature and we do not have to travel far to bask in its wonders. Even a little walk in a nearby woods or along a beach has a soothing effect on us.

Next time you feel pressured because of the day’s events and you are looking for a place to wind down and to put things in their proper perspective, fine union with nature. By doing so, you will also find union with your pure essence.

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