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The New Moon on November 29, 2016, will be in Sagittarius which suggests that this is a good time for the study of metaphysical teachings. The mystical, occult and the psychic realms come under the energies of Sagittarius and because the ruling planet is Jupiter, this is a time for expansion and potential higher learning.

Sagittarius is very optimistic by nature and also quite progressive in its expression. Sag offers an opportunity to delve deeper for those already with ties to these teachings and newfound interest for those just beginning this adventure. This is a learning cycle of the highest rewards and self-reflection with an honest effort provides us with self-understanding and the potential to abandon parts of the identity that now no longer serves our higher purpose.

At the time of this New Moon cycle, the Moon will be squaring both Neptune and the North Node. As the North Node ties in with your destiny and Neptune ties in with spirituality, the road to these expressions may be challenged in some way. The New Moon cycle, regardless of challenging aspects received from other planets, if handled correctly, can still produce rewarding results in these areas of life. Squares, although challenging, can be overcome and in the process of moving through any difficult lesson, we becomes stronger and work harder to achieve. There is a much great sense of accomplishment when the lesson is complete.

Since these aspects are tied directly to the destiny of spirit and are aligned with our earthly pursuit learned through our spiritual connection with source, those that have ties with this Lunar degree (7 degrees, 43 minutes) will be profoundly affected by this transition taking place in their lives. You will have to check what planetary energies as well as what houses will be affected by this lunar cycle in your own personal chart.

Neptune finally went direct on November 20, 2016, so its energies are now flowing more freely. Neptune is at 9 degrees Pisces and with Neptune located in its own sign, the energies of spirituality and psychic focus are once again free to grow and mature into our lives. One issue with Neptune, however, is that you have to ensure that your intuition is leading the way and not your imagination. Neptune can cloud clarity but can also inspire you beyond the influence of any other planetary energy.

The North Node (currently at 8 degrees Virgo) is now in opposition to Neptune . This opposition suggests that much of the information and psychic knowledge being expressed will come from outside sources. If you are involved in a spiritual group, this will be the time when powerful insights taught through others will be quite apparent, as long as you are open to such things.

The South Node is tied to the energies of Saturn, the great teacher and task maker of the planetary energies. Much of what is transpiring between the North Node and Neptune has been in force since May/June of 2016. November has been a powerful month and the link between these two aspects will dissipate by the end of December. As the South Node has been conjuncting Neptune for all of this period, you may have felt somewhat stifled in your spiritual journey during some of this time. For those with natal aspects close to this degree, much depends on those energies and how they are linked in your personal chart as to how difficult this period has been.

Although there may have been stumbling blocks along the way, the South Node has been laying the foundation and is now beginning to release its energies in a more positive way and understanding may come easier.

Remember to enjoy the journey. Learning can be an adventure. Of course self-understanding can be a tedious experience from time to time, but the rewards for hard work and disciplinary actions far outweighs anything that may offer resistance. Keep up with your pursuit and plant new seeds under the energies of this new moon in Sagittarius!

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