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NEW MOON MAY 22, 2020

We are experiencing a conjunction of the Sun and Moon on May 22, 2020. All conjunctions of these two celestial bodies are known as a New Moon.

On May 22, 2020, these two luminaries are found in Gemini at 2 degrees. Check to see which house this positioning is found in your natal chart, as this will be the area of life influenced by this New Moon for you on a personal level. Check if there are any natal planets making tight aspects to this positioning for further information. Without close contacts by natal planets, this New Moon may not be overly significant in your life.

New Moons have potential for new beginnings. This is the time to plant the seeds that will germinate over the next month or so. Much will depend on how well these energies are nurtured and without nurturing and care, the energies will not develop to their full potential. Action and dedication are essential for development.

With a New Moon in the sign of Gemini there should be a degree of intellectual stimulation about whatever idea you may want to explore. Communication is highlighted and conversation is suggested. Ideas may stem from others and generate favourable outcomes as you prepare to move ahead. It is important to go slowly, to make up your mind and then stick with your goal. Gemini tends to flit from one thing to another and then will not be prepared to take advantage of the timing available.

The intellect is stimulated, and you can learn a great deal at this time. Sharing your information as well as taking in other people’s ideas is suggested. Together you may create something substantial.

Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are all making trines to this conjunction of the Sun and Moon, although by degree only Saturn will have an affect on what this New Moon’s energies. Jupiter and Pluto are both in retrograde and Jupiter is separated by 5 degrees while Pluto is separated by 8 degrees, an orb of no more than 3 degrees is the usual allowable influence. Saturn is close, only out by minutes to this placement and it is a favourable trine aspect. Saturn is in Aquarius although it goes retrograde once more on May 11. Saturn retrograde is more favourable than when it is in its direct motion.

Saturn will offer up opportunities and easy flow to this placement and will stabilize things, adding reliability and structure to what you are trying to set into motion. Saturn, however, is the teacher and always suggests that hard work and discipline are part of the equation. Check to see which house Saturn is in your natal chart as well as aspects it sends to planetary placements in the chart. More information will be gained by reviewing these details.

Take advantage of these opportunities if they are indicative of positive influences in your chart currently. Do not waste this energy available. Move ahead if the indicators suggest that this is a good time for doing so.

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