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Currently, the last planet to go direct was Mercury on February 21, 2021. From February 21 to May 23 there will be no planets that are in their retrograde cycle. On the 23rd of May, 2021, Saturn will go retrograde and then on May 29, Mercury will go retrograde once again, Jupiter and Neptune go retrograde in June.

While planets are in retrograde their energies are not allowed full expression. Saturn, however, while in retrograde, is considered more favorable than while in its direct motion. Individuals who have all their planets in the natal chart in direct motion are allowed full expression of all the energies. This is very positive. Saturn, however, will make you work for your results.

Having all the planets in direct motion in a natal chart is not a common experience, nor is it to have a lot of planets in retrograde. In the birth chart, it is normal to have an estimated 2 to 3 planets in retrograde. This also holds true for planets while in their transiting cycle.

The positive energies flow freely when in direct motion and this is often a good time to move forward with any plans that you have contemplate pursuing.

Mercury while in retrograde suggests holding back on moving forward and is considered a time for planning and setting the stage for further development. When it goes direct this is the time to venture forward.

Venus in direct motion suggests opportunities in love and romance and being able to express yourself in a favorable manner.

Mars suggests that energy, activity and the desire to push ahead is exemplified.

Jupiter brings good luck and good fortune and offers expansion and growth.

Saturn, however, while in direct motion suggests that hard work and a disciplined effort is required and it may take longer than what you would like to get things moving.

Uranus has to do with change and advancement in technologies or humanitarian concerns.

Neptune can indicate psychic potential or the desire to move forward in some form of artistic venture.

Pluto speaks of transformation, a new beginning and power attachments, although likely in a favorable manner.

It will be important to have a look at your personal natal chart to see how these planets are forming aspects within the chart and whether they can be overly advantageous or if you should move ahead with caution. The natal chart always tells the story.

It is important to use the energies of planets appropriately and in many cases, this current period will be a beneficial time to push ahead in your pursuits.

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