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It would appear often we have to be backed into a corner before we recognize an alternative route, or unexpectedly, out of the blue, an alternative route comes to light. We can feel lost and without direction before we have this recognition, and we openly accept the new course of action as we feel as though there are no other choices.

When the choice has been made, we do not understand why we never thought of that alternative earlier. This makes us realize that we were so consumed by our surrounding conditions that we were blind to new ways of looking and thinking. This is an easy habit to slip into and one we need to guard against.

Why did the new choice come to light?

Really, the answer to this is not important. It is only important to recognize our habits and to work to changing them. Nonetheless, no matter why we have changed our focus, we now have new options and different paths to take if we choose. Things seem to change in an instant and our outlook goes through just as great transformation as our options.

Things often seemed to reach a bleak point, and then we release control because we feel there was no other alternative. Once we have released, recognized, and moved forward with this new choice suddenly everything changes. We sometimes must look at things from a different perspective and then new doors will open.

Do NOT “allow” negativity to enter the equation. There are always options. Sometimes that option is simply to let go of control. Whatever the options, we must be open to them. In the worst conditions, things can magically turn around. Do not become dismayed. These are events; they are not a reflection of you.

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