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Do you recognize and enjoy the oneness with all?

We are all part of the whole and the whole is one and indivisible. Although we feel separate from others and consider ourselves to be our own person, we jell together as one and our energies are all interconnected. What we feel and do affects every “energetic” thing that is. What a responsibility.

We each walk a slightly different material and lesson path. Some individuals seem light years off our personal course yet everything that we experience is shared with the masses. When we attack others, we attach everyone, including ourselves. When we love, we share this love with all things.

Many believe that their influence is insignificant; however, this is not the case. As mentioned, our energy affects all other energy. How does it feel when you walk into a room and two people have been arguing but they are silent when you entered that room? We have all heard it said, “You could cut the air with a knife” but how can you feel this if you are not affected by these two individual’s energy? On the other side of the coin, how can the energy within a room immediately skyrocket when one individual enters it? You can feel the energy level rise with some people when they join us. These are simple examples of how one individual’s energy can affect us. We also affect those that we do not come in contact with. Our ersonal energy moves beyond the confines of the body and mind.

We have come to this material existence to live our lives and share our experiences with others. We have come in physical form to experience the physical. Our spiritual self (energetic state) is always evolving and expanding which is not visible on the earthly plain yet in reality there are no boundaries.

Do not get overly hung up on mistakes along the way, as we are only attached by a thread to the physical. To err is human. Be honoured to be a part of this expression and live your part by being who you truly are.

We have expanded to evolve and understand and yet we are striving to move beyond this physical state to return to our true energy state. We are one with all energy, one with love, one with Source.

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