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Do not take lightly your part in the healing of our planet. It is not by chance that you have chosen to return to this earthly cycle at this very crucial time in the evolution of the planet and its inhabitants.

Why are you here at this particular time in history? There is no such thing as chance. It is apparent that we are here now for a reason and we have some work to do.

We all play a part in this evolving story and each part is significant. Each individual affects the overall consciousness of society. Distance plays no part. We still affect the overall evolution of humankind.

Our job may not be an easy one but we must do our part to help push the earth and its people in a positive direction. The responsibilities are actually quite simple. We merely do our part and adhere to the principles that we stand for. We cannot be lazy or complacent. Spread Love, compassion, joy, hope......Anything else that follows will be as a direct result of our commitment to following our life’s path, which is rapidly moving forward. Time is fleeting. There is no time to waste.

Our thoughts, our belief structure and our expectations build our future. What are you focusing on?

We mold the world around us through these focal points so ultimately we all have a hand in this creation.

We walk as one, and through our joint force, we can truly move mountains, any mountain that stand in the way of healing and rebuilding.

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