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The need for our own personal space and yet the need to be close to others is a dilemma shared by many.

We all need and want to be loved and appreciated. We expand in the warmth of love shared. We also need our own personal space and the ability to move in whatever direction is necessary.

Many couples are confronted with this paradox.

Being single or in an open relationship allows you to do what you want when you want without having to answer to anyone. This is preferred by some but offers insecurity and loneliness for others.

Being in a close relationship allows sharing life with someone we love and never feeling alone. There are days, however, when we need our own space, and the demands of our partner may be trying.

In a perfect world, we have a balance of both, and it is achievable if there is give and take on both sides. If we truly love someone, we don’t mind giving up a little personal freedom to share. Is true love not unconditional?

It is essential to be open and communication with our partner if we have chosen to share this life. It is important to discuss our own personal needs and to allow our partner to be open with us and respect what they need. A partnership is equal give and take without keeping tabs. Relationships are hard work.

Spend a few minutes each day in quiet solitude even if only for a short walk, a quiet shower or a quiet meditation. These little practices can provide personal space daily.

On the other side of the coin, create special time together such as a romantic dinner without television or telephone interruptions. Take a stroll through a park hand in hand. We can even take care of both needs-meditate together holding hands. The mind has its personal space, but the knowing of love can fill our heart.

Do you balance your time and the time you share with your partner/children/parents?

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