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What is your response when someone speaks aggressively towards you?

Do you react or respond?

We all respond differently to aggression, both physically and emotionally.

Standing up and fighting for your rights is important but this should not come from a reactive state but a thought-out proactive state. Under no circumstance is a physical reaction acceptable.

We cannot do anything about someone else’s intension or action, but we can control our response. In any situation ask yourself if a stance is worth pursuing. Someone else’s actions should not be allowed to freely live in your mind or affect your emotions. The choice is yours. Remember, vengeance and violence are not a solution. Walking away is a sign of strength in many cases.

What happened in the past should stay in the past. What you do in the moment is a choice – react or respond.

Live in the moment.

Reaction can rise quickly but with practice and thoughtfulness, it can be controlled.

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