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Do you allow events in life to stifle your movement and growth or do you allow these events to enhance your life’s journey?

It is important for each of us to take responsibility for our reaction to all that happens to us. Many people fail to take responsibility and are always quick to place blame on others.

If we can rise above ego, we can use these life lessons to reflection and then act to make the necessary adjustments or assist in co-ordinating efforts with others so that we can utilize the energies in place.

Many of us are far too comfortable with our life’s circumstances even when change should be addressed. We resist change due to habit. We find it easier to be stressed and angry and find it necessary to point the finger of blame elsewhere than to make the effort to venture into the unknown. We react to events instead of making the adjustments required.

We can do our part in life’s ever changing conditions only when we recognize how much of an impact we have in any given situation. Sometimes we can be the instigator of an event (though we have absolutely no control over other people’s reactions) other times we are an innocent spectator. No matter what part you play in an event, pay heed to your reaction for this is where your absolute control lies.

Placing blame in any given situation is not important and resolves nothing. Self control and our reaction is of utmost importance and this is where our responsibilities lie. If we cannot avoid confrontation or any other teaching event, we can do our best to accept and allow or to help the unfolding lesson and push for a positive resolution or outcome.

Never ignore your part in any given situation. At times, it can be hard to avoid or rise above our human reaction but this is all part of our human development.

Take responsibility when it is yours as we always have a part in the process as it unfolds.

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