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We sometimes have to take a moment to see the potential that lies right in front of us.

Are we rigid in our thinking or are we open in our thinking?

Are we open enough to broaden our knowledge which allows us to expand?

It can be very comfortable in our present conditions. We can become complacent due to this comfort and find ourselves stationary or stagnate. We are content to stay in this comfort zone as we are afraid to “rattle the cage” and many of us fear change….the unknown.

What do your visions for tomorrow look like?

We must utilize our dreams and push towards new growth, even though if the current circumstance feels so very comfortable. Living in the here and now is our ideal goal but being in the moment does not mean that we have to stay in the same place. We always have choices along the way and can utilize whatever our current life is offering us at anytime if we wish to take advantage. We might have to push a little, however, to realize it is necessary to keep moving ahead.

Life unfolds, and we do not have to do anything, yet why not expand and take advantage of all that is available?

We are here to experience and the choices are in our hands, even when we feel as though we were being swept away by the current. How we react in our journey is a choice. We have the full ability to channel our thoughts and expectations into a direction that can help us achieve what we need to.

It is perfectly normal to experience pain, but we should not give up and wallow in this pain. Push through. Everyone will experience challenging events and issues. It is part of the life experience, but we decide how long we wish wallow. Experiences are lessons. Learn from them and grow.

Prepare for the future but live in the now. We are riding the current of life but that does not mean we cannot pick up a paddle and help with the journey, just do not try to battle the current.

Dream your dreams and set your goals. Without goals what is the point of pushing. Strive for something and reach out beyond what is in front of you. Push yourself to expand and learn. Be open to whatever the outcome may be. When we are not flexible with our focus, we may hit large barriers. Become farsighted. See the barriers ahead and do not ride blindly. Grab your paddle and let’s see what lies ahead. Let’s shoot the rapids!

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