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We continue our post from September 14, 2018 covering the influence of Solar and Lunar Eclipses when triggered in the natal chart. Please read the previous post to get a full understanding of where we are continuing from.

The transiting Sun will stimulate the eclipse energies and can provide activity in the form of a specific matter being brought into focus. The Sun will activate the eclipse each year when it arrives at the original position of the eclipse and again when it is in opposition of the eclipse degree.

Transiting Mercury and transiting Venus tend to have only minor effects on the energies as they transit the eclipse degree, often not noticeable unless they happen to correlate with other transits at the same time.

Mars is understood to be quite action oriented and will often jumpstart events of significance when it forms a conjunction or opposition to the eclipse. Sometimes its energies can create conflict and struggle and is often prominent when assistance is required in the interest of anothers.

Transiting Jupiter brings expansion and often gain of some sort into the equation, but can also build on things when they are in fact not overly pleasing (exaggerates the energies). Generally, however, Jupiter promotes opportunities and growth and often brings good luck when moving forward.

Transiting Saturn often marks the end of conditions or a closure to the energies of the eclipse. It is also associated with Karmic debt and if you have worked diligently towards a favorable conclusion, it can also mark Karmic rewards, but hard work is always a by-product of Saturn’s energies in order for something positive to transform out of what the energies are suggesting.

In general, the outer planets move quite slowly through the zodiac and rarely reach the degree through conjunction or opposition of the Eclipse degree. When they do, they are often representative of challenging situations. While Saturn’s action is often delayed in response and is generally a testing period, Uranus is often linked to the unexpected, quick and rapid changes. Uranus’ action is often quite unpredictable and erratic and hard to define.

Transiting Neptune is often linked to cloudiness and uncertainty and in many cases we have a hard time recognizing fact from fiction. It can, therefore, be quite vague or hazy in its expression. However Neptune is also linked to the mystical side of life and can be descriptive of spiritual and psychic revelations when highlighted through transit.

Transiting Pluto operates in a much more dynamic manner than any of the outer planets and it seeks to tear down structures that need to be re-evaluated and in some cases discarded or at the very least torn down to their bare essentials. Transformations are at hand and they can be subtle but rarely insignificant. Things can change on a permanent basis under Pluto’s energies. Pluto is dynamic in its action and has a similar effect to transiting Mars in its potentially destructive nature.

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