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The Sun moves into the signed of Capricorn this year late on December 21, 2020.

Those born in the sign of Capricorn are known to be serious-minded individuals, who are somewhat reserved, conscientious, and reliable. They are usually well equipped to manage others and do well in the world of business and enterprise. They are often leaders in their particular field of expertise and many Capricorn individuals work towards greater achievement. Their commitment to success is high on the agenda.

They respect authority and that which is tried and tested although their superiors will have to be respected in their field and have worked their way up the corporate ladder through hard work as this reflects the Capricorn individual’s own intentions. These individuals are leaders, not followers but will listen to advice and then make their own decisions as to which route to take. They are not risk-takers and understand the meaning of hard work and disciplined effort. They know that it takes time to move ahead and as a result, they are builders.

Some have issues with negativity. This is due to the ruling planet, Saturn, which often makes things difficult and the energies of Saturn will not allow short cuts. Worry and anxiety can be a part of life when life is not moving along as it should. This negativity can be kept well under wraps to the outside work and no one will know that this is what is taking place in their life. Capricorn individuals normally appear quite in control of life’s situations even when they are not.

Those with their Sun in Capricorn have or will be experiencing the conjunction with Pluto which at this time is at 23 degrees. Pluto has been in Capricorn for about 12 years and will not move into Aquarius on a permanent basis until late 2024. Conjunctions signify a conjoining of the energies associated with the planetary. In most cases, there is a certain degree of emphasis on the area of life represented by the house position influenced by this powerful combination. Transiting Pluto can be felt up to 5 degrees in its approach before the actual conjunction occurs and will be felt approximately 2 degrees after it separates. It lingering effects are often not fully comprehended for about one to two years after it has completed its connection.

Pluto transforms, regenerates, and signifies an end of conditions and then the beginning of something new, quite separate from what was in place prior to that time. There are no halfway measures about Pluto and its impact is powerful and life-changing. There can be ego disputes and disruptions almost without measure and when tied to the Sun, life’s path is subject to total and complete change. The transformation, if adhered to, is not as challenging as it is when one tries to dispute where life is taking you. We are often swept along usually feeling little control of the situation and we must learn to adapt to these changes as they are often a prerequisite to the change needed to what no longer serves a purpose. The new is brought into play because this is actually where we need to go.

The Sun can be very personal and these changes may be on an individual level. The Capricorn individual may be forced or asked to have a close and personal look at who they are and what they want from life. This is particularly true if the Sun is somehow connected to the Ascendant and this aspect will identify how these energies might play out.

The Sun also has to do with our path in life which may be tied to our career or health, and Pluto can have a profound impact on our well-being and our course of action. What we do in this regard and how we handle any energies placed in these areas can be defining moments.

Pluto and the Sun are the forerunners to change, and adapting to these adjustments is important on how life moves forward at this time for the Capricorn individual. A deep reflective period is likely and a close analytical approach is advised.

In order to get the full picture, all other indicators and aspects from transits and progressions must also be delineated to see the full spectrum of what is unfolding at this critical time in your life.

Have a wonderful solar return.

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