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Due to our electronic shut down, we are a little late publishing this post. Sorry Pisces readers.

Those with their Sun in the sign of Pisces, in many cases, are clearly defined by the traditional characteristics of Pisces, but many are also highly defined by the other placements in the natal chart as well. As with all Sun Signs, the Sun sign is only one portion of who we are. Although Pisces is generally considered a somewhat passive sign and these individuals are gentle personalities that are often influenced greatly by others around them, there may be other strong placements in the natal chart which can dilute the Piscean traits.

An example might be someone with their Sun in Pisces but they have Aries rising, Mercury in Aries and the Moon in Leo. This individual’s characteristics would be quite different from someone with the Sun in Pisces and a rising sign of Taurus, Mercury in Pisces and the Moon in Capricorn.

Pisces in general, however, can be so soft in its expression that people only see the overflow of other more strong factors in the natal chart. Pisces is a water sign and is mutable in modality, often making these individuals highly influenced by those around them. They are sensitive to an extreme and can also be quite emotional. Many Pisceans have a difficult time not showing these character traits to the outside world.

Most Pisces are kind hearted and caring individuals often tied closely to the mystical path. Some Astrologers believe that Pisces, being the last sign of the Zodiac, have reincarnated through each sign and carry some of each sign’s characteristics within them. This is why many Pisces are so swept away and they want to nurture those in need.

Many Pisces individuals are musically inclined or have some form of artistic talent. They can be quite creative although often quite subdued in their expression. Much depends on the rising sign and other factors within the chart.

Most Pisceans have a difficult time dealing with hard and aggressive people or situations in life. They may choose to bury their head in the sand and try to stay clear of volatile situations. They are far from aggressive although some recognize these internal tendencies and tend to go over the top in proving their “masculinity” or abilities to stand up in the face of adversity.

Those that have their Sun Sign in the mid degrees of Pisces have had transiting Neptune, their ruling planet, making a conjunction to their Sun for some time now. Those with their Sun in the early 20 degree range are just beginning to feel this effect in their life now. This may be a time of spiritual awakening if they are open to such energies and they will experience vivid dreams that can be deciphered and used to provide some assistance in this undertaking.

Some may find that they are confused more than ever at this time, due to other influences in their chart. Some will seek ways to change their perception, either by meditation techniques, imagination or substance abuse. Pisces are known for substance abuse when life becomes difficult.

Pluto and Saturn in transit are both in Capricorn and both remain there most of 2020. Pluto stays for extended time and Saturn will move into Aquarius in December of 2020. Those with their Sun in the mid to late degrees of Pisces will be experiencing these two planets interlinking with their Sun. These two energies are powerful and are agents of transformation although Saturn will insist on hard work and a good foundation. Linked to the Sun by sextile implies opportunities to move towards inner goals, outer goals and aspirations and in some cases occupational opportunities. Much will depend on which houses are involved as these will be the areas of life involved in each Piscean chart.

In most cases, a transiting planet making a conjunction in its natural sign offers growth and opportunities to understand the energies at hand and in this case opportunities to open the door a little wider and have the ability to envision or explore their more innate personality and spiritual ties.

Happy Solar return my Piscean readers!

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