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You might ask yourself, “What doors am I unable to open?”

“What events will I be a part of during this journey?”

“Will I be able to perform my duties and fulfill my calling?”

These are questions of self doubt or of someone unwilling to let go and let life.

No door will remain locked if we are willing to use the key. Often, we are the key to these symbolic locked doors.

The answers we look for are not found on the other side of life’s veil. The answers we need are wrapped in each moment of living. Realization is not far-out ideas or imagined concepts that will suddenly show themselves. If we are open to all possibilities, the answers are at our fingertips. We do not have to go searching.

Truth is simple and available to us each day. It is not dormant, and it does not need to be discovered. It is already part of each of us, yet many struggle and push it deep down within. Some look so deep, they look beyond truth. It is part of simple everyday awareness, and it lives forever in the eternal moment.

Accept life in its simplest form. Do not complicate the equation. Enjoy life and see the glorious whole you are part of now. Have no expectations.

The illusion has us looking for something so peculiar that we feel it is too difficult to find. The simple truth is that we are already living our perfect life. We are looking so hard for something other than what we have that we take away from the riches we have. We have been illuded to think that the perfect life is something that is always out of our reach. As long as we keep searching for more, the perfection we already have will never be enjoyed.

Stop....breathe......take it all in. See the beauty in all that is. Feel the rush of energy that connects all living things. YOU are part of this miracle. What more could you need?

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