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Moving forward, we travel along our life’s path periodically experiencing some fantastic, awe inspiring events along the way. We are encouraged to veer from the well trodden path to cut a trail where few seemed to have ventured. At least this is how it feels.

The venture seems new and exciting. As we move forward we begin to see just how warn the path actually is. Many have travelled this path ahead of us. The course of our path has been prepared for us and if we look closely we will come to realise that many walk beside us.

Imagine a flow of people venturing down this meandering path. There are many twists and turns. It is a path highlighted in places by our life-giving sun, filled with hills and valleys and bountiful foliage on all sides. Some valleys have deep crevices and some hills rise up to become great mountians. Somehow, we are not intimidated by these things that stand in front of us. We may experience flashes of fear but faith reassures us that we will persevere and conquer the route that this path will provide.

As we move deep into the forests, we notice that the mountains and valleys are not near as steep as they first appeared. It is as thought the path shifts as we approach to make the travel easier for us. Although the well-worn path continues forever forward, we are not hesitant or overwhelmed. We cannot see beyond the next curve in the path but somehow we know that we are moving in the right direction.

This is so with all things in life. What can appear insurmountable at first glance becomes far less intimidating as we examine it more closely. All that is required of us is to take those first steps to conquer anything we are presented with.

Our path leads us to enlightenment and our eventual oneness with source. Never fear losing your way or wandering off course for when we feel we have veered off course, we actually are experiencing part of our journey. We may lose sight of the path from time to time but if we keep putting one foot in front of the other, it will eventually reappear exactly where it should be. Wherever we find ourselves is not by change. Our timing is always impeccable and we are exactly where we should be on our journey.

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