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Love, to many individuals, is an elusive dream that seems to always escaped them. They look to others to fill an empty space within, and often because of this pursuit, they will go through bouts of depression and anxiety. Their need for love and affection runs deep (as with anyone) and if they allow themselves to be obsessed with this search, this obsession can lead to feelings of rejection, self-deprecation and loneliness.

Many people believe that they need someone else to fulfill their longing for love. They search for a potential partner or lover that they believe will fill the void. They are in constant search through external sources and speculate on who might be the one to satisfy this yearning. Some individuals go to such an extreme with their efforts that they actually drive others away because of their obsessive behaviour.

Before we can truly love anyone else, we have to be capable of loving ourselves. This love can never be found through outside sources.

Love is something that is found within and once allowed, it is mirrored in our outside world. Our external condition is often a reflection of what is transpiring within.

Do you feel worthy of love? Do you see yourself in a realistic light or do you simply focus on the qualities you see as negative? Positive reinforcement is certainly part of the process.

Do you tear yourself apart searching? Do you question, “What is wrong with me?”, “Why doesn’t anyone love me?”, or “What do I need to change in order for someone to love me?”

Acceptance of who we are is a massive step forward. The main ingredient for lack of self-love and self-appreciation is our ego’s interference. It constantly nags at us and loves to create destructive dialogue towards self. We can get caught up in this constant chatter and if we decide to hold on to this negative chatter, we make it our own.

We have said this again and again, WE ARE NOT OUR EGO. Our ego has to be put in its proper place which is at our side and in turn aiding us through this journey not stifling our growth.

See yourself through loving eyes. Love yourself; only then can someone else join you in this powerful experience. You and you alone, the loving you, is the only missing ingredient in your search.

We are all a spark from source. How then can we be anything short of loveable?

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