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There are many individuals born to be teachers. They come into our lives bearing the knowledge and truths that we need to hear for that moment in time. Some teachers may only be in our lives for mere moments and yet the lessons they teach us are extremely significant. Some teachers are part of our lives for many years.

We teach our children just as our parents taught us. Then as we begin to age our children in many ways become our teachers. They teach us on many levels. We can see our own reflection in them and realize how we helped shape who they are now, or even possibly how we disrupted their growth in some ways.

At times, some of us find it hard to acknowledge and accept the information that our children teach us but this is only ego. We are accustomed to being the ones assisting our children as they grow, not the other way around.

Our spouses are probably one of our more important teachers, and we receive knowledge from them on an ongoing basis. We are always learning from each other. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main reasons we have been brought together.

There will be many times that we will be faced with issues, and, as long as we let go of our ego and stay open, we will grow from these experiences.

Life is the greatest teacher of all. When we are faced with challenges and even tragedies in our lives, we often wonder what good could possible come from these experiences. Yet, upon reflection, we come to realize that the lessons, although hard learned, were valuable. These challenging conditions that we are faced with from time to time can be very trying particularly when we take them personally. These lessons can be heart wrenching if we attempt to challenge and fight what is.

Life is not always hard lessons. We also experience uncountable occasions that could not get any sweeter.

Recognize the balance.

We tend to grow from the lessons we are presented with, and we can recharge during the calm, laid-back moments. Be grateful for both. There are many large life lessons that we will experience as well as everyday experiences that we so often take for granted yet both are equally important.

We are here to experience and to balance the student and the teacher within us.

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