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Sometimes we get hung up on events in life. We strive to live in the moment but at times forget that our focus has a direct impact on the way we view our world. Worry and anxiety create more of the same and living in that space is anything but comfortable. We tend to get lost in the issues but if we were to take notice, we would realize that whatever worries us is always in the future or in the past.

It is difficult to remain optimistic when we focus on lack or hard lessons, but we CAN refocus at any time once we take note of where our mind is at. We will first have to become aware of our focus and then re-direct. Do not attempt to ignore or escape from what is causing stress or anxiety. This only gives strength to your focus. We actually bring more of the issue to the table by trying not to think about the issues.

Instead of worrying about health for example or relationships for another example look to the opposite. If you are concerned about health, see a doctor and think in terms of good health, perhaps the inner strength and resilience you have or what you can do to alleviate these conditions. Exercise or healthy eating will bring health to higher levels, but a positive reinforcing statement regardless of how it seems at the time will bring a good focus on health.

“I am healthy, strong and able to repair any conditions” or “I am healthy and resilient and will build in strength each day”.

Find your own positive reaffirmation and say it in front of the mirror each and every day. In the beginning it may feel somewhat uncomfortable, but it does get easier.

You can use positive reinforcement in any situation.

Our positive reinforcements do not have to be used for just solving an issue. For example, if you have been looking to develop psychic and intuitive abilities and inspirational advancement, you can say “I am a spiritual being brought into this life to build psychic awareness”. The more you reinforce this, the more it builds over time.

Think of what potential lies ahead by living in the now in terms of positive reinforcement. It builds and becomes easier over time. You will notice a difference almost immediately.

It is time to strengthen you “focus” muscle and build on what is good for you.

Possibilities await and potential unfolds.

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