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We are continuing our look at tight aspects in astrology from August 8, 2018.

As mentioned, when deciphering a chart whether this chart is a natal chart, a transit, a progression, a solar, a composite or any type of chart for that matter, it is important to consider specific points of interest. The planets or significant points (Ascendant, Midheaven and to a lesser degree the IC and DC) closely joined to one another by aspect are point of interest and are more noteworthy.

Our August 8 focus was on natal aspects. Today we will continue by looking at transits and on August 15 we will wind up our look by focusing on progressions.

All transits are at their peak experience when they become direct. Saturn is the only planet that is the exception. Saturn’s influence is often felt more strongly once it has passed being direct and is two degrees separating, after which its energy wanes off. Many of the transiting planets particularly the outer planets (from Saturn out to Pluto {yes Pluto}) can be felt up to 5 degrees approaching and are still in force but weakening up to 2 degrees past direct.

The transits of Uranus, Mars and the Sun can be used as timing tools as they are reliable indicators of events when their degrees are direct. Uranus, in particular, is a good indicator of an event when it is direct. It is important, however, to acknowledge that you require at least three planetary links that are similar in their expression to ensure a potential life event. One link alone will often not produce sufficient energies to create an important event and may even go by with little to no noticeable consequence at all.

It is also important to take into consideration the aspects between the planets involved in the transit and how they are linked in the natal chart. The birth chart always tells the story or the potential and is the motivating force behind all transits. An unaspected or weak natal positioning will work quite differently from a powerfully positioned aspect in the natal chart. The natal potential always has to be taken into consideration. A person will not win the lottery unless it is written in the birth (natal) chart.

Again, we will continue with tight aspects with progressions on August 15, 2018.

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