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We continue our look at aspected affecting those with their Sun in Aries.

Unless there are several other factors making challenging transits to your natal Sun or your natal Sun is in extremely challenging condition in the natal chart, the transit from Jupiter conjuncting the Sun is considered advantageous and will prove beneficial to you while in contact. It is imperative that the natal chart be fully studied when researching the transits to natal positions in the chart.

At this time (March 2022) T. Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces making a semi-sextile to those with their Sun in the middle to later degrees of Aries. Semi-sextiles are considered opportunity aspects although often of minor influence and suggest being in the right place at the right time. Perhaps this is an interlude or breakthrough subsidiary of what is to come when Jupiter moves into Aries on May 11, 2022. Jupiter remains in the sign of Aries until October 29 when it once again moves back into Pisces due to its retrograde motion. This will be for a short period before moving into Aries on December 21, 2022. Jupiter next moves in Taurus in May of 2023.

Those with their Sun in Aries will be either experiencing the semi-sextile, the conjunction and once again the semi-sextile during this period, depending on the degree of your natal Sun. The conjunction can have an influence of 5-7 degrees approaching and 2-3 degrees while separating, while the semi-sextile’s influence requires a much smaller orb of 1-2 degrees approaching and 1 degree separating. In general, this should be a rather fortunate position for many people with their Sun in Aries. Check the ephemeris to see when the energies are the strongest.

Now that we are four paragraphs in you would likely want some information on the combination of Jupiter and the Sun. Jupiter expands what it touches and often brings good luck, good fortune, and growth to the planetary energies it influences. When it touches the Sun it enhances who we are and often brings security of a positive nature and often in an external manner. In its outward expression Jupiter can bring fortunate conditions and great rewards for the efforts we put forth into our objectives. Much will depend on the houses involved as they define the areas of life.

Sun in Aries or Aries rising sign will find that good luck follows them around and life may change substantially offering opportunities for advancement and growth. Jupiter can place an emphasis on self-motivation due to its placement in Aries and you will need to apply yourself for the best results. Opportunity awaits those that pursue their goals and ideals.

The Sun has to do with goals in life and often part of that goal has to do with our advancement in our objectives and in some cases our occupation. If by chance the placement of your Sun resides close to the Midheaven then opportunities likely arise around advancement in career or life objectives. For those with this in the birth chart, you may find recognition for your effort to move ahead, or public support or acknowledgement at this time. The midheaven is a very public place along with the Ascendant and similar potential lies with those that have their Sun tied to their Ascendant or those with their ascendant in Aries as Jupiter will pass over this position during the timeframe mentioned earlier.

This is a highly favourable aspect, and this period could have profound effects on inner as well as outer growth. Make sure you take advantage of the energies.

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