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Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Leo in Astrology

As transiting Jupiter is now midway into Leo, this post applies to those born between 1948-1957. There are some who will have Pluto in the late degree of Leo born in 1958. You will have to check your birth data to find out if this post applies to you.

Transiting Jupiter is in the 15-29 degree Leo range from September 2014-August 2015. Jupiter goes into retrograde off and on during this time so you will have to check your ephemeris for the correct dates.

Transiting Jupiter can be felt by those that are sensitive to its influence, 5 degree approaching and 3-5 degrees separating. Jupiter moves through its complete cycle of the horoscope every 12 years, so those that are going to experience this transit have also felt its influence 12 years ago, 24 years ago, and so on. During this transit of Jupiter, transiting Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are also within this 15-20 degree range, check your ephemeris for dates when they are at the 14-15 degree mark. Uranus and Pluto are in this degree towards the end of February and into March of 2015. Be sure to mark your calendar when these two giants meet transiting Jupiter. Jupiter will enhance these two planetary forces during this time and you can expect transformations and unexpected changes to your life if you have Pluto in the 14-15 degree of Leo in your birth chart.

In this post we will speak primarily about the influence of Transiting Jupiter on your natal Pluto.

You will find that when this transit influences your Pluto, you will work very diligently towards a goal that personally describes you. Depending where you Natal Pluto is located, this area of life will provide you with information as to how you might use this energy to your advantage. In general, you will have been working in this area of life over the past and now the fruits of your labour come to realization.

You may strive to gain power in this area of life and this transit often provides you the push needed to move in the intended direction and achieve more than what you would normally accomplish. Be careful on how you choose to direct this energy as often there are issues with people in positions of authority and you might step on toes to gain recognition for your efforts. It is hard, however, to use this energy in a subtle manner; therefore, it is wise to process what you are trying to achieve before you move headlong into this expression. If no one gets hurt and you do not push the issues by taking too much control, the outcome will probably be exactly what you wanted it to be or at least along those lines.

The prevailing urge that this energy provides is a time of self-reflecting and you can clearly see your motivations and work in this direction with little restraint on your part. How well you achieve what you set out to do depends a great deal on how you go about it and to what ends the results will manifest. Many become obsessed with this power drive and will push themselves hard to achieve their end result and this transit provides you with plenty of push to succeed.

This transit does provide you with the opportunity to create something magnificent and long lasting in your life, as often the changes are similar to a new beginning. Often we leave the past behind and forge ahead, although in many cases the route is not a foreign one. We can awaken to a new height of achievement and advance our cause. In the alternative, we can run roughshod over others in order to achieve at any cost. The choice is yours to make. Use this energy in a positive manner as it will not return in its intensity again and the next time Jupiter makes this contact to Pluto will be in 12 years but without the effects of Pluto and Uranus.

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