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From now (March, 2018) until November 2018, transiting Jupiter will be in the sign of Scorpio. It will move from 14 degrees to the end of this sign. It will spend some time in retrograde motion during this period. If you allow a five degree orb approaching and a two degree orb of separation and your natal Venus is Leo or Aquarius from the 9 degree mark up to and including 2 degrees of either Virgo or Pisces), you will have this square affecting you over the suggested period of time.

Jupiter and Venus together known as the greater and lesser fortunate have much in common. The energies of both of these planets harvest good fortune, bring happiness and love and also an appreciation for life’s magical moments.

Jupiter expands everything it touches and Venus brings love and affection to the forefront. Both planets speak of financial opportunities and both bring good luck and good times to the forefront. We wait for these two planets to combine in the sky and make aspects to our natal positioning of planets and significant points.

The only potential problems with this combination (because this aspect we are discussing is a square which usually suggests some challenging conditions along with hurdles to overcome) is that if this is a time of love and romance (which is often suggested with Venus in the picture) you may blow things a little out of proportion. As mentioned, Jupiter expands on things and also makes life fortunate and appealing when joined with Venus. Make sure that what you are experiencing is as huge as it feels, particularly so if Neptune plays a part in this equation.

In general, affection and love are part of the process, but there are circumstances that the person you are attracted to can bring hardships. This, however, should not stop you from pursuing the person of your dreams if they are who you believe them to be. Be sure to see them for who they truly are and do not build on something that is created only in your mind. You may find that you are a bit impulsive at this time, and jumping without proper forethought is not advised.

This can be a great time for socializing and just plain having fun. Enjoy life; have fun with the energies at hand. Some individuals will travel during this time and find love and affection during these travels. Once again, see everything for what it truly is and understand that the relationships with many of those we meet under this aspect can be short lived especially if Uranus is involved in the equation. You will probably enjoy the wide open spaces and the beauty that surrounds you, but you really do not need to travel to find this. Often this is right in your own back yard.

Watch for overspending and the feeling that nothing can go wrong. It probably will not but never put yourself in situations where you leave yourself vulnerable (This is especially true if both Mars and Pluto are involved).

Enjoy these energies!

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